Beach Dreamin’

Listen to “Bro. E’s Lunchtime (Beach) House Mix No. 9” on YouTube


Now that the weather is officially breaking toward Spring, here in Michigan–I heard thunder storms last night–I’m starting to get a familiar itch. Those native to the 313 know that late Springtime brings the anticipation of a Downtown Detroit tradition: the Movement Electronic Festival. House Music, in all its shapes, variations and forms will be celebrated over three days. Historically, I’ve always found some reason NOT to attend, despite a deep love for House. The excuses are endless, but all boil down to the same thing: I refused to be the old guy in the crowd. As a Christian man, I’m also conscious of staying away from scenes that might take me back to a life I left behind a long time ago. Maybe this will be the year I hit the downtown scene and dance my cares away.

I’d love to be able to afford to take my wife to a tropical island and simply dance along the white sands, to the smooth sounds of chill and deep house. International DJ Dimsa¬†comes to mind, when I think of sunset House Music, celebrated with a sophisticated lady, virgin daiquiris, palm trees, warm waters, and a decent sound system. Yeah man…that’s my idea of an awesome night. That dream was the motivations behind my latest “Lunchtime House Mix”. Check it out. Immerse yourself in the ¬†atmosphere of the music and let it take you on vacation.


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